Cannabis for the Community.

Cannabis for the Community.

Cannabis for the Community.

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Vision & Mission

Our vision & mission is to create a unique queer community-driven socially conscious experiential retail environment and dynamic lifestyle brand that breaks from the typical hypermasculine dispensary model by creating an affordable safe space that invites LGBTQ, BIPOC and allied consumers to choose Green Qween as their preferred cannabis resource.

Inspired by the first medical dispensaries in the Castro which provided cannabis to those suffering from HIV/AIDS, Green Qween will honor queer history in cannabis legalization by focusing on giving back through and equity in hiring program, incubating LGBTQ & Women owned brands, and donating 10% percent of all profits to build and then fund the DTLA Proud (501c3) LGBTQ+ Community Center.

Cannabis as a vehicle to empower and enrich the community. Unlike our competitors who only come out for the LGBTQ community during Pride Season, Green Qween will live by the motto “QUEER ALL YEAR” by supporting the community from seed to sale and serving as a platform and incubator for LGBTQ, BIPOC and female brands.

Incubate LGBTQ+, Women-Owned & BIPOC Consumer brands

Green Qween will partner with like-minded queer, BIPOC, and women-owned consumer brands to stock our shelves with diverse brands. Through the strength of our retail account (which may be one of the first for many of the brands we will stock), we will help diversify the otherwise straight male-dominated industry with more more women, BIPOC and LGBTQ representation – three groups that own almost none of the major consumer brands currently.

Hire from the Community

Green Qween will hire from the community with a robust equity in hire program. While most groups say they will “try” and hire equitably, we put our money where our mouth is and signed an agreement with Chrysalis (501c3), a regionally renowned organization for equatable hiring to source our employees. To our knowledge this is the first such agreement with a cannabis dispensary and any similar equitable hiring organization.

Dedicated funding to the DTLA Proud Community Center

The anchor of Green Qween’s plan for impact is its dedicated funding of the DTLA Proud Community Center. The Center will consist of LGBTQ+ programming around housing, employment, health, & legal services, as well as a non-profit incubator establishing itself as a hub for LGBTQ+ support and development in the region.


Elevating Broadway

We are so thrilled to announce that Green Qween has executed a lease on Broadway in the historic core neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles and look forward to helping continue to bring back Broadway! In addition to activating a long time vacant storefront, we are committed to other public safety and security measures to ensure that we benefit the entire block including:

  • 24/7-365 onsite security guard;
  • State of the art security system to include 30 days storage of footage;
  • Commitment to funding a rainbow crosswalk;
  • Utilizing the entire side of our building for a beautiful mural;
  • Installing improved lighting around the perimeter;
  • And more!

We are going to need your help

Green Qween is going to need your help to make the cannabis industry more open to the LGBTQ+, Women, & BIPOC! We need the Los Angeles City Council to agree with our mission and deem us worthy to be granted a license through the public convenience or necessity process. If you’d like to be part of this campaign and let the City Council know that you support our mission, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!


Andrés Rigal